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    Dear Members,

    I am pleased to welcome you personally to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce.  We appreciate our members who help us drive business success and growth in Sherwood.  We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of our members by offering educational seminars and networking events to advance their growth and visibility.  We are proud to partner with the City of Sherwood, our local schools, and the two military bases on either side of us, as well as our over 300 business members, individuals, and non-profit organizations who make up our membership.

    To make the most of your membership, I strongly encourage you to get involved and participate in the many events of the Chamber.  We enjoy connecting people through our events and provide networking opportunities and programs to broaden and strengthen business relationships.  Through our Chamber and Economic Development committees, events and programs, the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce provides businesses and professionals the opportunity to gain exposure throughout the community.

    Please contact the Chamber office if you are interested in joining or have any suggestions or ideas to help us make the Chamber work for you.

    Kellie Wall
    Executive Director
    Sherwood Chamber of Commerce

  • Letter from the President

    As the current President of the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, I welcome you to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce.  Sherwood is a diverse, vibrant, growing town filled with love for our community.  Sherwood Chamber of Commerce businesses and leaders within them, strive to support our residents and City leaders through partnership, volunteerism and financial sponsorships.  This partnership continuously seeks out opportunity for economic development that is focused on attracting key businesses to Sherwood that will compliment the desires of residents to be able to eat, shop, play and invest in their community first.  We encourage Chamber Members and City residents to look to do business with Chamber Member businesses first because of this support.

    If you are currently involved on any level in a volunteer role with the Chamber, thank you.  If you are not and may be interested in becoming more involved, please call or stop by the office and visit with us.  From military relations, to education, event planning & organization, welcoming new businesses to our City, strengthening existing relationships with various key community members and everything in between, I feel confident you can find something that speaks to you.   Contact your Chamber Executive Director Kellie Wall or Economic Development Director, Colleen Carr to find out more, today.

    I understand that as a Sherwood Chamber Member, you desire & deserve to receive value from your Chamber involvement.  This is a priority for Chamber leadership.  If you have suggestions or recommendations to further this, please call me personally on my cell phone 501-249-8121 or email djnoland@mcgheeins.com

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